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Leftover Risotto pudding turns into Tropical Risotto Pops

Leftover Risotto pudding turns into Tropical Risotto Pops.


B’Tyli Three must to get beach ready


So summer or spring or something warmer should be happening in Georgia right now even though it’s not. But that does not mean you can I get your body ready for the beach. Well this is how I get my body beach ready with these 3 power houses.

First up is my super caffeine Coffee
Butter scrub, followed by my Dark Brown sugar scrub it is deliciously
yummy and a big finish with our super rich Body Souffle.

Our clients love this trio and you will too.  Check them out on our website. B’Tyli

The marriage of an egg and a wheat bun

The marriage of an egg and a wheat bun.

Dessert that nourishes the body – Indian Black Rice pudding

Dessert that nourishes the body – Indian Black Rice pudding.

First Dessert – Indian Black Rice Pudding

First Dessert – Indian Black Rice Pudding.

Nutritional Tips

Nutritional Tips.

From the Garden_ Sage Infusion

I love spring. My son and I just planted our garden. This year spring greens, squash, tomatoes and kale. I wanted to plant foods I eat often and is low in maintenance.  So for dinner tonight I decided I wanted to use my lettuces and herbs from my garden. tonight’s menu:

Organic Sage, Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Stuffed  chicken thighs over wilted spring greens and goat cheese purses with a sage red pepper and garlic butter sauce. 

How this meal came about? I wanted sage and goat cheese. So why not just stuff all that wonderful goodness in the chicken I took out for dinner this morning. My family loved  it and I hope you will too. Bon A petit!!

Ingredients :

4 organic  use skin less  boneless chicken thighs

1 small red bell pepper seeded and diced in small cubes

3  medium gloves of garlic diced

a whole bushel of sage leaves ( you will need for sections of the sage leaves to stuff in the chicken stem in all if it is a soft stem)

you will need 10 small sage leaves for the butter sauce and 3 small sage leaves for garnish

4 tbsp of goat cheese to stuff in chicken 3 tsp for the goat cheese purses

6 thin wonton (round) wrappers ( you will double these up to make 3 goat cheese purses)

1 tbsp of Parmigiano Reggiano for garnish

1 Half cup of olive oil to saute chicken and make butter sauce ( you may not need this much)

2 tbsp of butter

spices used to taste; black pepper, sea salt, smoke paprika, onion powder, garlic powder

Butter Sauce:

First make the butter sauce add 2 tbsp of olive oil and 2 tbsp of butter to pan and let melt on a med low heat

then add chopped garlic peppers and  spices to taste

Let cook until garlic is slightly golden brown cook this slowly or garlic will burn keep your eye on this. Once cooked set a side a

And add 10 sage leaves. The heat will infuse the oils from the sage leaves.


Second season the chicken to taste using each spice if you like

add oil in your saute pan to cover the pan completely

add chicken and let it brown slightly on one side

once brown turn off heat add the butter sauce in the middle of each piece of chicken ( about a tbsp you do not when to fill it too much)

then top the sage branches in the middle as well and add the goat cheese each piece

of chicken gets a tbsp of goat cheese. Fold the chicken over carefully turn on the heat ( med low)  and

let the chicken cook and brown a little longer pressing down with a spatula to get the goat cheese to become a glue about 2 minutes.

Remove the chicken and place in a casserole dish and bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until the middle is done. The cooking time will depend on how thick the meat is.

Goat Cheese Purses:

Next, make your goat  cheese purse. Take the wonton and use  2 won tons to a purse, ( so double them).

add goat cheese in the middle and fold

Instruction in folding a dumpling:

1.  Place a small spoonful of filling in the middle. (Be careful not to put too much; it’ll leak out during the folding process.)

2. Pinch the edge of the wrapper and make a fold  (If you’re a beginner at folding, place the wrapper on a flat surface while you work. Otherwise, keep it in your hand.)

3. Make 2 more identical folds in the same direction, until you end up with 3 folds.

4. Bring the folded side together with the no-folds side, and press to seal. I pinched mines at the top to make it look like a purse.

Boil a pot of water and place dumplings when they come to the top they are ready to go.

Time to plate: Once the chicken is done wilt the spring greens in a pan with a little oil olive salt and pepper

place the greens on the place add the stuffed chicken on the greens. Add butter sauce over the chicken

now add your goat cheese purses on the plate add butter sauce over top them and add the sage leaves on each purse and top with Parmigiano Reggiano  and Enjoy!!!!!!

Let me know your thoughts. Will try to post new recipes each week.