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Nutritional Tips

Nutritional Tips.


DAY 1 Eating RAW and vegetarian

So, a week ago I got this nasty virus and decided to heal myself naturally. So I went on a RAW diet cleanse. In 2 days I was back to normal. Here is a little history.  I have been chronically ill for 20 years with kidney disease. In 2007 my kidneys failed and I was on dialysis. In 2008 my husband gave me his kidney. Amazing story!! Indeed. So, why did I share that because for some people  a virus can last 2 – 7 days for me a virus can last for a month or put me in the hospital. So, I opt to naturally remedies when I get such things.  Eating raw for my health was not a biggie. So , I start doing the normal stuff juicin for veggies and fruit and eating salad.

Until eureka! I looked inside the bucket that held all my pulp and decide to do something with it. I thought maybe I can make burgers, but it did not look like a burger. I juiced carrots, a lemon, apples and some kale. All the pulp was pretty orange. Huh? What looks orange? Salmon. I remember growing up and my mom would make the best salmon croquettes. I was like I can make veggie croquettes. At the end of this blog will be the recipes.

So I took the pulp added some veggies, some spices and formed it into a patty. But it stilled looked orange, but salmon looks orange so why is there still a problem.  Where is that crispy outside my mom had on her croquettes and how could I make this. Eureka again!! I took the same spices some almonds and flax seeds and put them on blast in my Bella Cucuina Artful Food Rocket Blender. I pulse for a few time and there was my crispy topping. I tooked that patties and rolled them this yummy crust!! I put them on a bed of lettuce . Made a salsa to go on top. I thought now what can I have for dessert. I took some tropical fruit mixed it with lemon juice, basil and honey. I put the fruit in a  cup and topped it with some extra grounded almonds and flax seed but this time I seasoned the grounds with raw sugar and cinnamon. And so was created a tropical little cobbler pie.

That evening I was like what will I have for dinner. Now my family is not eating this diet with me, so I am making RAW food and cooked food for them. The kitchen becomes a big mess,  but it so much fun creating new dishes. Okay back to dinner that night. I made a RAW lasagne.I took my mandoline and sliced carrots, zuchini and squashed seasoned them real good and made a RAW tomatoe sauces with just crushed up tomatoes, basil and spices. I layered it just like a regular lasagne and top it with parmesan reggiano and flax seed grounds. I know the cheese, but hey it is  my first day.

In two days I felt better from my virus. I had amazing energy and in 4 days or so I lost 5 lbs. I went into this thinking I am going to starve to death, but it has been the opposite. Well that is all for now. Come back and I will have DAY 2 Eating RAW and vegetarian.


Veggie Croquette’s

5 carrots juiced and use the pulp

3 apples juiced and use the pulp

half of lemon use the zest

handful of kale

You can drink the juice with your meal

Take the pulp put it in a bowl

season with sea salt, black pepper, cumin, tumeric, chili powder, cayenne pepper

parsley and cilantro all to taste.

Form a patty

Next make your coating:

1/2 cup of almonds

1/2 cup of flax seed

half your coating before adding spices so you can use the other half later for dessert

Add all the spices you used for the patty  to your nuts and blend until you get

a rough cornmeal like consistency.

Roll patties into ground , place on a bed of herb lettuce. You can make a RAW dressing with this, just

take balsamic vinegar, oil, salt and pepper and mix. You can add it to your greens before yo place your patties on top.

Tropical Little cobbler

Cut bananas, mangos, pineapples, julienne basil and add, add lemon juice, honey

Take remain nut grounds and add raw sugar, cinnamon

Add fruit to a nice little bowl and top with nut grounds.

Raw Veggie Lasagne

YOu will need  Mandoline for this one

Use it to slice zuchini, squash and carrots use big veggies to get nice lasagne like shapes

Season the veggies to taste

Crushed 3 medium tomatoes or you can use organic can crushed tomatoes add spices( salt pepper garlic) and parsley, basil.

Grated parmesan reggiano( optional)

Layer in a deep glass dish. sauce , cheese, veggies, sauce, cheese , veggies until you are at the top with cheese and I also added some grounded flax seed.

That is all it took. Enjoy